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President Obama has signed an order to close Guantanamo Bay Military detention center in a year. The man obviously has no sense of urgency and thinks that this is some bad joke that we;’ve had played on us. Boy is he gonna be shocked when the head of Al Qaeda tries to bomb the White House! I’m not saying that this is going to happen, but if I were the President, I’d more to the War Room very soon. I don’t say that because people will be angry with him, but because if these terrorists are released into the public the first place they are going to after is to attack the White House. It is on the “hit list” for these folks.

This really bothers me that he would do this. We’ve watched as the liberal political establishment has totally tried to destroy a great conservative President who actually cared enough to protect the rest of the country both Democratic and Republican as well as other political affiliations that needed to be protected from these masters of destruction. I couldn’t believe that he would do this and I plan write him and let him know just how stupid this is.

I started reading about Islam around 2005 and the reason I did was because I realized that this was going to get really nasty. I plan on getting myself in a situation to do what I really need to be safe from this coming danger and I’m hoping that when I get this straightened out, that I will be able to help folks from both sides of the aisle to protect both sides from the possible attacks from the Islamist terrorist faction which happens to be some 20 million strong and by the way, they want to “convert” the great multitudes that are Christian to Islam. We need to learn Arabic and learn how to witness to these folks and we need to remember that Simon the Zealot and Judas Iscariot were both terrorists in their own right.

This was the worst thing I’ve ever seen and if this keeps up- I’m moving to Israel despite what I’ve read and I hope that I don’t have to explain the powers that be that I’m also a very aware Christian who keeps my head. I’m not even one bit interested in the agenda of the Islamo-Fascist views that we are about to actually have talks with.

 This is not just a tragedy it will condemn us to looking like fools in the process. You don’t negotiate with a bully you call his bluff and publicly humiliate him or her unless you know about a weakness- then you pray for them in this case you call their bluff and humiliate by keeping them incarcerated so they can’t kill anybody. You also don’t shut down a secure facility like Guantanamo we probably should do a military prison ship- NOBODY IS GOING TO WANT THIS IN THEIR STATE! God protect us!

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