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I’ve never been so embarrassed as an American citizen in all my life! Steve  Geithner and Tom Daschle- need I say anymore? What makes these political “leaders” think they’ve going to get away with this? We started this country via revolution over of all things-taxes and these morons don’t want to pay theirs? Oh joy! In a country where you can uniquelyget a tax refund. We are the ONLY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD that does this. You can ask Europe, Asia, Africa, Iceland, Greenland and several other countries and we- the United States of America are the only ones who do this, so what’s wrong with Mr. Geithner and Mr. Daschle? To quote Forrest Gump- “Stupid is as stupid does.” Boy was he right!

Daschle has had to pull out of a presidnetial cabinet position all because he forgot WHAT? Good grief! I’ve seen dumb but this takes the cake! Yep, it’s a official- WHAT A  JACKASS! Does this fit or what? To those of you who need to file your taxes by the way here’s some  web sites:

Talk about a “taxing” subject oh brother!

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