05 Feb

I find it absolutely tragic that Barack learned all this cool stuff, went to Harvard University and still couldn’t balance a budget. I’ll ber he did in college when he had to decide between ordering pizza and making his own. Give this man money that’s not even his though and that’s all she wrote! This has me very concerned for the simple fact that all I’ve seen is that the “Stimulus Package” has gotten BIGGER AND BIGGER. This could be the worst decision a president has ever made and the biggest miracle deliverance of the past 300 years we will ever need. This could not be a presidential decision but it sure has been a decision that nobody needs. I think he should’ve paid attention to his economics class. He also should’ve listened when it came to maintaining a reasonable budget for the country. Barack, here’s a few sites to help you with this endeavor, if you don’t like it- get over it! Here’s some web sites to help you balance the budget:

Get with the program and do what you need to do! This is getting embarrassing here. I find it very scary that people aren’t doing their jobs trying to keep us out of n absolute catastrophe world-wide. They want to “nationalize” this and “socialize” that. Have we forgotten what the Cold War was all about? Communism was a serious issue back in the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. The 1990’s brought the Soviet Union to her knees and now we are acting like the Communists won. No they didn’t they got their tails kicked now wise up and act as if you understand that or we can take you out of office! It’s not called an election for nothing! That’s the ain difference between that system and ours free elections!

This is not about the grid-lock this is about putting proper restraints on the right things. Printing money won’ t work, it causes inflation. It causes us to have products we can’t even sell because the government doesn’t want anybody working. Well, I’m warning you I’m coming out of retirement and I plan on taking others with me ebcause all the U.S. Government has done is exploit people who are able to work ad then you’ll be sorry especially if they leave the country and never come back. I don’t hate America but what we are doing is SIN straught-up!

Laziness makes one poor and if  you don’t believe me, ask the Russians- they got to a point they hated to work because the government controlled everything! The quality of their products went down, people were stealing supplies (as if they don’t do that anyway over here- it costs businesses BILLIONS OF DOLLARS as a result.) This is no way to do this, now will you please let the country go on with business. Not business as usual but business none the less! Keep your eyes peeled folks we will lose more jobs more revenues, more of our future, and gain nothing for what we want to get back.

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