04 Mar

Dan Seum of the 38th district is supporting a transparency bill I would definitely support this bill. If you live in Louisville and are sick of not knowing what is going on in thiso town poltically this bill will solve this problem immediately. Jerry Abramson has not disclosed the workings of the political sphere in this town for 20 years and honestly it’s time to pay the piper. Where are our jobs? Where is our future? People haven’t moved here, they’ve left. Hey Jerry what gives? This will tell him exactly how we feel. It’s SB 80 that’s the bill number. Here’s the link you can go to for it. Also, snail mail this to anybody you know that doesn’t have a computer, or the Internet.

Here it is:

Let’s teach the people what’s really going on here. Also pary for bi-partisanship and not this weird “Sovietized” junk we’ve been dealing with. I thought this was supposed to be a 2-way street. we seriously need to work on this on both sides of the aisle. I know this sounds wimpy, but it’s not.I hope that this can be accomplished. Go Dan go! Here;s how to contact Dan Seum:

Phone: 1-502-564-2450 Annex and Capital building


Frankfort Addresses:

700 Capitol Ave.

Annex #242

Frankfort , KY  60601

700 Capitol Ave.

Capitol Room #319

Frankfort , KY 60601

Be politc and calmly explain your situation to the secretary.

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