Glenn Beck May Have a Point- We Are a Democratic Republic Let’s Act Like One!

25 Mar

The things that we get when we are dealing with other countries. I’m getting tired of other countries trying to shove socialism and potentially Communism down our throats in this country. I hope that we are alert and awake to what is going on with our economy and I’m tired of being threatened by a State Department and a U.S. Government that have no respect for Israel and the historic connection between our two countries. All I can say to Benjamin Netanyahu is- STAND YOUR GROUND AND DON’T GIVE UP! It has occurred to me that this current administration is not funny. Whether we are talking about the White House and the Congress or we are talking about the local mayor of my home town who I’m convinced is a total nut-case and absolutely incompetent about doing what we really could do without. We’ve been taxed and abused to the point  that we are about to blow. Let’s keep perspective but put these Liberal Weirdos on notice that this is America not the former Soviet Union and nobody needs this crap- just ask Russia they hated socialized medicine, socialized work, socialized play (now that’s ANAL people!) The things that we have allowed in this country even Alexander Solzhenitsyn R.I.P warned us about this junk and we didn’t listen- how stupid do we Westerners have to be?


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