25 Mar

Okay, you probably think this is disgusting- it is. It is where teens take nude or partially nude photos on their cell-phones and post them on the Internet. Kids are being prosecuted under sex-offender laws and they are ending up right where you don’t want them. Sitting next to the real McCoy- a bona-fide sex offender. Talk to your teens, if any photos are discovered either delete them and take the phone until trust is restored or get your child a phone card to stay in touch with you. This is not funny at all. A sex offender charge can ruin their lives. Don’t block the consequences, but don’t let the trend destroy your child’s life. This is so serious I can’t even go there.

To you kids out there, this is serious listen to your parents and don’t do this even if this is the “in” thing to do. It’s a serious problem and can ruin educational opportunities  not to mention the rest of your life. High school is ruled out, being a teacher, being a doctor, being a coach, being a minister, being in law enforcement, all options will be GONE  even as an adult and after you are out of family court and in the adult system. Talk about “scarred for life” you DON’T WANT THIS FOLKS!

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