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This  is the worst thing I’ve ever heard of.  If the government does this there could be a market problem even longer than expected.  I’m new at this and I  really don’t like the idea of “big brother” looking over my shoulder. I’m not even a stock broker. Howver, there’s also something that may stop this insanity in it’s tracks.  Go to the following web site:

There are also other links on this site you can go to to learn more about the U.S Constitution and about U.S. History, not social studies- U.S. History. There’s a major difference between the two. If Barack Obama puts this idea through there won’t be a Wall Street or a Stock Market because every person who is subject to this monstrous idea will be afraid to trade. I suggest that all he should do is give the SEC some legal teeth to do their job, link them up with the FBI and leave well enough alone. I’m tired of all this Big Brother “We’re watching you!” attitude. Reality check Hillary and Barack- we’re watching you too the “watching” is a two-way street in this country. This isn’t Pakistan, India, Iran, China, Syria, Libya, Egypt or Saudi Arabia. Get a grip and get a life! Crazy liberals!

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