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I’ve been thinking about what Pastor Pat said about 2 or 3 weeks ago and I find myself wondering how I ended up plopped down here during a time of prophetic and historic proportions. I found myself listening very intently to what he was saying and realizing “Holy smoke this is weird!” I try to be very careful with whom I share things with and I haven’t talked to a lot of people about this and prayed about writing about this for the very reason that I’m not sure who’s going to end up reading this. Pray for the President and other leaders- right now Barack Obama is in Europe, pray that the Holy Spirit gives him discernment and that he listens. That’s the only way this is going to work.

This is very important indeed because the decisions the President makes will impact us all. Even our kids. I’m sure that there are some of you that would rather he never been elected- well that’s life now get over it and go forward. I know it’s hard to pray for somebody you don’t like well here’s the problem, if we don’t pray for him- we’re toast folks and I’m talking like burnt toast (YUCK!) That’s when you get over  it and go forward with what you know. Pray for me that the right people see my web logs and do the right thing.

Remember I Corinthians 5:17 says we should “Pray without ceasing.” That means you don’t stop. There are ways of doing this without disrupting our day and we need to remember that when a person asks for prayer, if you have time do it right there otherwise write it down in a notebook, your Blackberry, Blackjack, cell phone, computer or what have you and remember to do it later. Pray has real power and effectiveness when we do it right and often.

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This is not an April Fool’s Day prank. A few weeks ago, I was sitting in church and we were getting ready to leave and my pastor announced that he needed to speak to the congregation about something. Let me preface this by saying that if you’re not a Christian you may wanto t seriously consider investing in a Bible , a notebook or a MSWORD file titled Bible Study and find yourself a Christian colleague to talk to very quickly. We are living in interesting times. Right now there is a minister who’s web site I don’t have on here yet named David Wilkerson and what he has on his site right now is a very urgent message. He was fasting and praying when he got this so those of you who are Christians and you understand the meaning of that explain it to your unbelieving colleagues.

This is important information and it is not to be laughed at. If you don’t believe in fasting, read up on it at least so you’ll understand. If you look in the book of Esther in the Old Testament or if you’re Jewish the Tanakh, you see the story of a young woman who has some urgent information and she ends up the queen of Persia because King  Artaxerxes needs a new wife because his own was defiant and disobedient to him and he needed her to rule beside him and do as he said without question. The whole book and the story of what happens from chapter 1 on through the end is VERY IMPORTANT ITSELF! Read it and understand we are in a time of judgment. I know- I sound like some kook right? Well, I pray that I’m wrong but I want you to also check this site out and also read up on what God did during times like this. If you are obedient o the Word of God and to God you will be fine. I hate writing stuff like this- I get uncomfortable with it because of the nature of the gifts the Holy Spirit has blessed me with. Do not panic while you’re on the stock market but pray and ask the Lord what to do next. It is critical that those of us who follow the Lord help those who don’t know Him to understand the times around them. Keep a close eye on depressed colleagues and intervene if they seem like they’re going to do something drastic. You’ll see the site on here soon go to it and crack open a copy of the Bible and comfort those who are scared. Once again this is not about fear it’s about information and proper use of it.

I’m scratching my head and wondering did I make a mistake myself as well so those of you who are Christians and you’ve “been there and done that” keep me in prayer too.

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