21 Apr

I was at the April 15, 2009 Tea Party and I have only one thing to say here invite everybody to this thing! All I saw locally was a sea of white faces.  I know Louisville is more diverse than that come on people! Invite your friends who are red, yellow, brown, black- I don’t carer if  they’re PURPLE with GREEN polka dots, and ORANGE hair! Just bring them okay? I’m very disappointed that folks aren’t thinking any better than that we’ve been accused of racist behavior by some nut they interviewed on NBC and the attack was blatant people.

Let’s invite ALL OF AMERICA  please. This is impaciting EVERYBODY! Democrats, Republicans, black, white, red, yellow, brown, Irish, German, Arab- E-V-E-R-Y-B-O-D-Y! So don’t just sit there DO SOMETHING! The situation calls for some serious action. Let’s not take this lying down! Get out there and recruit folks to be at the July4th meeting and let’s make it a diverse meeting! I don’t care if you have to go to churches and hnad out literature, jsu make sure that you’re also willing to listen to the Word of God as well as handing out this information.

Here are some places to try:

This addresses everybody even UFO enthusiasts and other folks who are  not being heard. There are so many things that need ot be addressed by these Tea Parties that this could be something that changes everything that people are getting tired of having to hammer away at for the dumbest reasons. Let’s notjust deal with the fact that this is a wasteful expense of money and also get down to brass tax and get some serious answers out of the Federal Government because if anything people from a Christian perspective- time is short down here. Let’s get the truth from them now or we are going to regret it when they do nothing.

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