Daily Archives: April 28, 2009


I was shocked to see anybody out at 6th and Jefferson what shocked me was the size of the crowd. I was a bit disappointed however and figured that people would show up in droves. Don’t get me wrong there was a size-able crowd. But when I saw the size of meetings in like New York Chicago, Washington, D.C., L.A., and Austin, I was a little depressed and VERY UPSET when I saw how many people were inly white. Where were all these other folks who were getting kicked hard? Black, white, Latino, Asian, Eastern European, Central Asian, etc.? I realized that people weren’t inviting them and here’s what I propose- get your friend’s e-mail address and invite them for heaven’s sake this affects ALL OF AMERICA not just white folks! Get real! WAKE UP AMERICA LIFE’S TOO SHORT NOT TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!




Recently, I found myself utterly appalled when Janet Napolitano the new head of Homeland Security shoved her foot right down her throat. Hope you like the taste of shoe leather ’cause it’s gonna be with you a long time if you don’t retract it! Basically, she violated everybody’s First Amendment rights- now it’s my turn SHUT UP BEFORE THE SUPREME COURT TELLS YOU TO LEAVE US ALONE JANET! Now you know what it feels like.

This kind of treatment of American citizens is despicable! May I remind you that  the right now in Europe that most Christians- real ones are in underground churches not registered with their own governments. The beautiful cathedrals that everybody sees when they tour Europe are now just tourist sites and that there are some churches overseas where you can’t even say the name of Jesus. Oh,  I almost forgot- we have CHRISTIANS WHO ARE NOW NEW U.S. CITIZENS AS WELL. DOES THAT INCLUDE THEM TOO?  They’ve had enough torture to last them for one day or do you plan on water boarding them as well for their beliefs.

Ma’am, I find your remarks UNCONSTITUTIONAL  and by the way, I don’t need a degree in Constitutional Law to say so. The young men and women who are serving in our Armed Forces are Christians themselves one of their weapons of warfare on a spiritual and physical level is a c0py of the Holy Bible how do ya like them apples?

Keep your mouth shut and listen- the Framers of the Constitution would’ve had you fired in ten seconds flat for your behavior and honestly, this is the kind of vitriole you save for the TYRANTS like Maummar Qaddafi who has been sitting silently just waiting to pounce on the Christian population in his own country. Bashar Assad has the same passion so do Mamoud Ahmadinejad, most members of the Taliban, Al Qaeda, Hamas, Al Aqsa Brigade, Fatah, Beseige, and so many other groups too numerous to list. Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, Khomeini, I think I better stop before thi gets worse. My point is- who’s side are you on? GOOD GRIEF!

If I were you, I’d get a really good lawyer hon you’re gonna need one by the time this is over with. You don’t assault the Constitution and get away with it, no in thi time and place. Too many people are mad as hell at the whole system that seems to teem with money, power, and corruption, don’t buy into that system- it will destroy you in ways you could never imagine so BACK THE HELL OFF!