Don’t Put Up With Harassment: I’m Going For Verses 31-33 of John 16:17-33

05 May

For the almost 4 years that I’ve lived in the apartment that I live in I’ve watched and listened to some of the weirdest junk that has gone on around here and for about the first year I tried to ignore it, but it got to the point that I couldn’t, I knew that my family was concerned about the neighborhood I’d moved into. After they helped me when I hurt my foot a few years ago that I realized with their help just how freaking weird my neighborhood was and that I needed to start watching out for my neighbors. This  morning I got sick of dealing with one situation in particular. I called about it a few years ago and I didn’t call the police back for a long time because they’d never get down here in time. I’ve gotten politically active in my district and I’ve started trying to work with my city councilman to improve the area and this has proved to be a challenge.

If you have to deal with harassment of any kind, including threats to your safety- don’t put up with it this will only hurt you and your family relationships or even other people’s peace as well as your own peace. Remember, Christ basically said to us:

John 16:17-33

The emphasis I’m going for is verses 31-33 and what Jesus tells His disciples about His peace and how He gives it freely. There are also passages in John 8 as well. The one thing I know about is putting up with ridiculous behavior from adults. Some of it I’ve dealt with because some of them were challenged and couldn’t help themselves, but this is from somebody who knows better  and takes advantage of others generosity and makes their lives miserable out of an “entitlement mentality.” The type of thing I’m referring to has to do with a grown person who always wants you to give them money for an addiction, a ride to a place that you’d rather they didn’t go, etc.

If you are a parent of an adult child with an addiction all I can say is don’t enable them it only allows them to assuage or continue their irresponsible behavior. Tough love is always a must when dealing with a peace-breaker. They will constantly make you miserable. There have been days where even in the faith this happens. What you do is pray and go on but if this impinges on the peace that Christ gives you release that person from your responsibility and tell them to go elsewhere.

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