Daily Archives: May 10, 2009


Yesterday I was at a martial arts tournament and had the most fascinating experience with these two guys. They’re constantly at the K.I.K.S Tournaments and they sell martial arts equipment there very cheaply but here’s what I got for FREE. They are both martial artists and in ninjitsu. Here’s the kicker- they’re Christians and one of them is a SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHER. He explained that the proliferation of early ninja films in the early ’80’s was the cause of all the concern about ninjitsu or ninjas in general in the church and out of th church.

These were Americanized propaganda that made these practitioners look like they were evil. I submit that we still had some martial arts script writers and we probably still do that write like we are still at war with Japan. Let’s quit doing that, it’s not helping anybody guys! But this younger guy was able to help me change my perspective as a martial artist and a competitor on  top of it. We had a great time talking and when he started telling me what was bunk and what wasn’t man did I learn something! He gave me some web sites and I asked for some good ones because anybody can just type in the word “ninjitsu or “ninja ” and get junk. I learn some of the coolest stuff!

Well, to tell you how this impacted me, we talked about various martial arts issues including spirituality, learning martial arts, othere types of warfare, emotional, and physical aspects of the way of a warrior this conversation got so intense on the spiritual, historical, and psychological level that it blew my mind and blessed me that we talked about that much stuff. I focused on one tournament event and kicked some serious butt- twice. There were things I did as well. Preparation was a lot of it but when I say preparation I don’t mean working out I sat there meditating on the Word and praying. Focusing on the Lord and doing praise and worship as well.  By the way, if you’re a martial artist and you need a new gi, dobok, or whatever your ssystem calls your uniform- I’ll put their site on here they are really cool guys. Here’s the thing if you’re a Christian focus on Him and you can accomplish anything! WOW!