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Ever had one of those days where you didn’t understand the nature of the country you live in? Well, apparently this happened with the Obama administration when the Office for Homeland Security had read a statement that should’ve never been used the way it was used. There are two new links on here that detail this little fiasco and I almost found it laughable when I realized that Jay Sekulow was ALL OVER this one. Check out the article and the documents. They are on Jay’s site and I put them more readily on my site. I was considering moving when Ms. Napolitano opened her big mouth and shoved her foot straight down her throat.

Man, I’ve seen political ineptitude before but NEVER this bad- GOOD GRIEF! Let’s keep the political aspect of life in perspective- politicians aren’t just human and sinful- sometimes they are almost hysterical at times. But this could’ve been a very serious situation so let’s just keep praying and don’t let the President drive us crazy as bed-bugs and let’s not take the bait of the Federal Government and turn into stark-raving lunatics just yet.  Check out the sites- this ought to be eye-opening!!!





I’m not a big fan o f WWE  but back when this incident happened, I was just getting Gore Sound-Off Moments off the ground and now I’m mad as ever. I can’t believe that all this guy got was 10 lousy  years. Did the jury ever consider that what he did contributed to the deaths of 3 people one of which was a 7 year old minor who’d done nothing wrong? This guy should’ve been put behind bard for the rest of his natural life- not 10 years this is a travesty of justice. If you’re a wrestling fan I suggest that you make some effort to find out if there was something lop-sided about the investigation and demand a heavier sentence for this guy.

I’ve seen too many miscarriages of justice in my life time to just sit here and  explain away what has happened here. I feel very strongly that the whole system of government needs to be investigated and this didn’t stop after the elections as a matter of fact it got worse after the elections. There are so many weird things going on that I’m surprised  that the judge didn’t almost jump out of his skin in rage.

The prosecutor’s office in Georgia has obviously got some serious issues it needs to resolve. Benoit had dual citizenship so I’m scratching my head here. I’m no legal expert but something just doesn’t seem right to me. A child died as the result of what happened here-not funny at all.  Yes this happened at Chris Benoit’s hands, but I’m sorry 10 years is still not enough. Precious lives were taken by this man’s actions and he knew exactly what the side-effects of the drugs were as well. If the instructions are in the container for the patient then the doctor should definitely be aware of the side-effects as well.

The medical community needs to do a better job of educating it’s doctors about the side-effects of drugs and about natural alternatives. The pharmaceutical industry has gotten away with the doping up of America for long enough. It’s time to call them to account for their actions. I consider them even more dangerous than the drug dealers that deal cocaine, heroin, marijuana, ecstasy, and other illicit drugs all because of the results of the situation in some cases. However, they just assume that they can get away with giving the wrong medication, or the wrong dose of medication, and even giving dangerous substances they wouldn’t even let their own families take to other American citizens.  We have high instances of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis all because they want to shove all these drugs down everybody’s throat. Now they are doing the same thing with cancer drugs. All I can say is that I refuse to participate in such an experiment myself- they’ll have to resort to drastic tactics to get me on such an idiotic regimen.

Don’t just shake your head about it- do something! here’s also this issue why were there so many pill bottles lying around? What was going on here? There was at least a 6-10 month supply of drugs and/or natural testosterone to drive a guy totally nuts if they forget they’ve taken their medication. Even the WWE’s testing methods might not have detected this much testosterone and whatever else Chris was taking. Especially since the wrestlers tend to purge their systems of the substnaces they use a lot. Catching the abuse is difficult even if you are talking about the medications they are taking to recover from steroid abuse. I get the impression that the Federal Government is going to step in and start messing with things as well- IN REAL LIFE with more and more things that people don’t want them to step into. This is gonna get scary- brace yourself.