13 May

Ever had one of those days where you didn’t understand the nature of the country you live in? Well, apparently this happened with the Obama administration when the Office for Homeland Security had read a statement that should’ve never been used the way it was used. There are two new links on here that detail this little fiasco and I almost found it laughable when I realized that Jay Sekulow was ALL OVER this one. Check out the article and the documents. They are on Jay’s site and I put them more readily on my site. I was considering moving when Ms. Napolitano opened her big mouth and shoved her foot straight down her throat.

Man, I’ve seen political ineptitude before but NEVER this bad- GOOD GRIEF! Let’s keep the political aspect of life in perspective- politicians aren’t just human and sinful- sometimes they are almost hysterical at times. But this could’ve been a very serious situation so let’s just keep praying and don’t let the President drive us crazy as bed-bugs and let’s not take the bait of the Federal Government and turn into stark-raving lunatics just yet.  Check out the sites- this ought to be eye-opening!!!



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