21 May

I had a recent experience with an organization that I find myself wondering about some things. I won’t be using names of people but please try to keep a positive and inclusive attitude. I refuse to be told to be silent about somthong that is so very important. The first time we had a serious political crisis in this country was when we became a nation and there is more than just certain people involved. I’d like to share something right now. I will say some thing to MAINSTREAM MEDIA- Quit starting trouble, you’re not helping at all! The statement I made was mean to bring to the group’s attention to INCLUDE the minorities in the Tea Parties. This is also for those who misunderstood my intent. I was trying spur initiative not anger- people are angry enough without this kind of insanity. Let’s keep the HOLY SPIRIT at the heart of this group and activity for those who’ve gotten angry at me, your forgiven.

There are sometimes msiunderstandings but here’s the thing we need to remember how diverse “we the people” are. There are key times when we ned to stand up. Share the same information all over the nation please.  Let’s all gather on the 4th of July and let our voices be heard.

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Posted by on May 21, 2009 in Pacs and Jacks


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