David Carradine Kicks and Punches His Way Out

05 Jun

Anybody who is a martial artist or just a martial arts movie and T.V. fan probably knows by now about the death of David Carradine. Part of me is disturbed by what I heard. I’m sorry but I don’t buy the suicide thing folks. I know we come into this world with nothing and we go out with nothing, but something inside of me tells  me that David didn’t do this of his own free will unless his family knows something I don’t. This sounded more like murder to me.

Unless Mr. Carradine wanted to die in  foreign country which I doubt. I understand probably wanting privacy if you want to die like that but something doesn’t fit here. I got on David’s OFFICIAL SITE and read his biographical information. It’s not Pulitzer Prize material but it’s enough to let me know that this dude didn’t commit suicide, I can’t picture it. The way he talked about his artwork pursuits he was looking to do some religious art involving Mary and Jesus, I don’t know if he was a Christian, he said in the material that he was a FAN of Jesus- I don’t know what that means I do know that he seemed to be steeped in Scientology apparently- good grief! However, with his perspective I just don’t think suicide was his idea.

I do realize that there are such factors as age and so forth, I just hope that this wasn’t what the police were thinking, Pray for the full truth to be revealed and that the family can heal. This tragic to say the least and horrific to say otherwise. Somebody either wanted privacy or didn’t want the body found one of the two so something’s amiss here.

From what I know about what other sources about the Kung Fu series this could’ve been anything from suicide to somebody who was still angry about the series, Bruce Lee is ruled out- he’s dead, Could somebody who was a big Bruce Lee fan and knows about the incident with Kung Fu and Bruce have gone off the deep end though? I’m only wondering because of the fact that  there were people who probably tried to do all kinds of things and I pray that I’m wrong because if this is murder then the Thai police have a lot of explaining to do.

I hope I’m wrong honestly but all I can do is ask for prayer for the family. If you want to read the biographical information, Go to:

There’s all kinds of information that will satisfy your curiosity. I even learned some things about him I didn’t know. Talk about a long and fruitful acting career- he started acting in 1964! Holy smoke that’s a lot of celluloid folks, thereare also products by David on his site. I don’t encourage just willy-nilly buying memorabilia give the family a chance to recover. He died June 2, 2009 so this is very recent and the pain is still very real, very deep, and very intense. If I encourage anything it is to give your condolences. I’m gonna miss the guy myself. Along with a really silly cartoon Hong Kong Fooey and the Kung Fu series I got interested in martial arts and now I’m a blue belt in Tae Kwon Do and I compete in martial arts competitions. Weird huh?

So for those of us who are fans, let’s allow for healing time and go on with a zest for life. Also, I’m going to repeat something I’ve said before. If you have friends who are contemplating such an action as suicide, get them help and don’t ignore them if they seem happy even after the tell-tale signs of depression are gone, they might’ve made a decision that could reap permanent consequences. Death is a permanent solution to what could be a temporary situation. 


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