06 Jun

I’m tired of the media playing stupid here. The F.B.I. should be investigating this because obviously the Thai government must think that our President is either a wuss or a moron- I hope neither. However, we need to get the F.B.I. and the D.O.J. all over this. Everybody knows what the FBI is let me explain D.O.J.  for those going “Huh?” Department of Justice. Go to once again what the Thai police are doing is covering up the truth!

Please! Call these organizations, the State Department and whomever else is needed to set the record straight!  The man was found bound and stripped. I don’t find this amusing and I’m sure that right now David’s family is probably about to take the Thai police and government to task about the “investigation” they did. Pray for the truth to come out and for the U.S. Government to find out the truth here. We don’t need Mulder we need Robert Gates to get cracking very fast! This is not funny at all. 

There is a HISTORY that could tie this together if people could just look at the EVIDENCE. The Thai government is the problem here. They have lied TWICE about this man and the truth would be nice for a change! I’m no expert on Buddhist funerary practices but I know there’s NO WAY this would fit into it! As a matter of fact if you check a book called How To Be a Perfect Stranger: the Essential Religious Ettiquette Handbook,  the Buddhist funerary ceremony doesn’t include this kind of weird stuff. It is similar to but not totallyto the Christian ritual and there are 3 separate rituals when dealing with Thai, Cambodian and Ceylonese rituals.  I doubt the man was a SCIENTOLOGIST I get the impression that the media has been trying to paint a picture of David Carradine that is not accurate and I’m guessing he quit playing the media’s little games a long time ago when all this stuff blew up about Bruce Lee , himself, and the Kung Fu series.

Right now even though I’m not a Buddhist, and I’m sure that this was murder there are Buddhist monks and priests following this and wondering what to do next- oh boy if only you knew how weird this was going to get! If you’ve ever done any study of Buddhism you’ll probably refer back to some things on the show that the character he plays goes into, the thing is that he was abvoiusly murdered and mistreated in death and it needs to be investigated correctly!




  1. Susan Mueni

    June 6, 2009 at 11:49

    Theres more than meets the eye in this story. Doesn’t it seem wierd that a lot of actors are dying just before the release of some major blockbuster moviemovie? Think Heath Ledger, Isaac Hayes, Bernie Mac, etc and now David Carradine just at about the same time that Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill was released and see just how successful it has become? Check out the freemasonic/ Illuminati imagery in Kill Bill and Seems like these Illuminati- controlled movie studios are sacrificing their actors to shore up the sales of their movies. Dont be fooled, this was a satanic ritual sacrifice of David Carradine and I’m not just spewing of some delusional conspiracy theory. Lets really think hard about this. I mean, he was as drunk as a skunk so imagine how easy it’d be to do this and why is the hotel not fully co-operating with the Thai police. I SMELL A RAT and Im surew the family knows what happened but can’t say it.

  2. jbevans

    June 8, 2009 at 14:32

    The FBI and DOJ are powerless to investigate this without the assistance and permission of the Thai government.

    You may or may not be correct in your assertions but there is precious little we can do in the US to affect the actions of a sovereign nation. Remember how powerless we were in the aftermath of the Natalie Holloway case.

    • denotchka

      June 10, 2009 at 15:15

      Good point. That could be part of the problem though. I’ve noticed that some governments won’t even cooperate with ours for some weird reason when it comes to investigating things that impact American citizens. that really irks me what about you?

  3. Christopher

    June 11, 2009 at 06:42

    What kind of political activism was Mr.Carradine into? Is there any connection to the recent Tie riots over the rigged election scandal concerning Tidelands new prime minister and Mr. Carradine?

    • denotchka

      June 17, 2009 at 05:02

      I checked and he doesn’t have any connections to the political scene in Thailand. My point is that he could’ve met up with some unsavory characters and that the thai media because David was a westerner they probably made something up. I also went on his web site and he didn’t come off to me as the type to commit suicide. the guy was planning on doing some religious paintings of Mary and Jesus- explain that one! If some kind of scandal takes place invovling Mr. Carradine, that I don’t know about. That’s one thing. The person who did this clearly did not like David at all. There could be some connection to his show Kung Fu: The Legend Continues possibly and the way the Chinese mafia or Triads were portrayed and then there was the reference to the Tong warlords- the latter was more along the lins of 1920’s San Francisco , New York City however the fact that these groups may have still existed in those Chinese communities is always a possibility. There’s also the fact that Mr. Carradine was 72 not 27. He was of a generation where sex was NOT a topic up for discusssion even with your doctor. The most sexually involved that he admits to is drawing the naked female form (and liking it.) You can find this on go there and read for yourself. As for his religious beliefs, he may’ve been either Scientologist (which I doubt) Buddhist maybe because of the fact that he goes into great detail about it in Kung Fu: The Legend Continues. don’t think for one minute that this wasn’t murder though. He might’ve ticked off the wrong person. there’s also the fact that somebody could’ve waited a long time to do this too. The T.V. series Kung Fu was originally Bruce Lee’s idea and by the time he talked to the guy in Hollywood about the idea again, they’ve already ripped Bruce off copyright and all. No Bruce didn’t do this from the grave! He could’ve have made plans a head of time though and hired somebody before he died and the guy jsut happened to run into him and nailed him. or he could’ve called a thai modeling agency – and God onl know how they work- he could’ve asked for model and they could’ve picked some woman of the night off of the street and her manager or pimp could’ve come around and David could’ve refused to pay the guy one red cent and so forth- there’s all kinds of possibilities.


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