Daily Archives: June 10, 2009


I’ve noticed that what I was expressing for quite some time may have confused and possibly frightened some folks. I’m not on here to make enemies, but to inform. My problem is that I seem to have a serious issue with the way the administration is going. Barack’s a great guy, he just irks me politically.  I’m not losing my anger or my political fire just taking a different tack. The political scene has become rather frightening and I had three incidents take place a month ago that made me sit up and take note.  The first incident happened at a Christian Writer’s meeting where two other writers ended up writing about the same thing and it really nailed me hard. How angry should I be? Lots, but here’s what I saw with me- it was eating me ALIVE! This is to all the folks who are involved in certain movements, don’t get so angry that this causes unforgivenness or rage. That can be very dangerous! It can even cause cancer, heart disease, diabetes or even sudden death if  you’re not careful. THE ANGER CAN BE DANGEROUS IF YOU CAN’T TURN IT OFF!

The second incident happened when I got a comment from a fellow believer who no longer lives in the U.S. I understand why this person left and I commend them for following instructions (long story and I’m keeping it private.) They pointed out something that the Holy Spirit pointed out through my friends a week earlier. I wasn’t too sure about this person’s perspective we went from discussing some silly movie to discussing my web log- the latter topic needn’t come up the Lord had already said something. However, I noticed that this web log had turned into something other than what I intended. This was SUPPOSED  to be about political education not political destruction and ripping somebody apart. So the next entry will take a decidedly different tone. The person that e-mailed me had very little to do with it, but to say that there wasn’t food for thought- I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t. 

The third incident I’m praying about because this person got nasty- pray for this guy it was a mess to say the least and I’m stopping there. If you think this sounds wishy-washy that’s okay. I don’t apologize for my political beliefs but I try not to assume things about people either. Just to say this that hurting people hurt people. If anybody has been hurt on any of these blogs of mine- writers take risks every time we type something on here. The marketplace of ideas, beliefs and so-forth can be dangerous territory if you don’t know what you’re doing. Some of us are learning as we go and some are experienced at this. Even the Founding Fathers risked hurting somebody when they published The Federalist Papers . That document by the way is a really good read we should all check it out along with a good solid copy of the Bible we just may learn something from these folks.

Those of us who re trying to get the word out about both parties would do well to EDUCATE not RECRUIT  We make a serious mistake when we don’t allow people to think for themselves. We risk becoming like the former Soviet Union and the current Asian Communist movement in China, Vietnam, and North Korea when we shove even political beliefs down each other’s throats. Remember, when you are writing there are PEOPLE  reading this stuff! You never can tell who is reading your material. They could be adults, children, political leaders, or even friends, neighbors and family.  Some of them might even scratch their heads about your message if it doesn’t match the approach you claim to take. Don’t let attacks kill you though- that doesn’t help anybody! Least of all you.