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Have you found that Denotchka’s Press Club Express is missing something? I have and I’m in the process of doing something about it. I love sports but I couldn’t write about it to save my own life- even in a pinch so I looked in-house and asked my husband to cover the subject for me. He’s a trained journalist so the quality will be through  the roof! I may actually ask for some other folks to help on here if they are able to help and have the time.

Keep your eyes peeled for other things as well. I have some sports sites on here so far and knowing my husband- he ought to be excited about this new poetry web log and the more experience the better! I hope you like what he comes up with. He’s just breaking his in so give him a ittle room and I’m hoping he’ll jump into some sports journalism eventually.


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Iranian Election

You need to see this- it’s important especially if you have family who live in Iran. Keep the public in prayer and also read the Scriptures in the Bible. I’m wondering if prophecy is being fulfilled here. If you are a Christian and you live in Iran GET OUT OF THERE NOW! If you are an American citizen unless you are a government worker get out of there now. If  you are a embassy employee- do whatever you are trained to do in times of emergency and stay safe.  For further instructions go  and see what to do. Don’t answer the door unless you’re expecting somebody and you have pre-arranged signals. Oh, by the way- Ahmadinejad- you better watch your rear!

Iranian Election

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