Homeless Student Heads to Harvard

24 Jun

This is something we should all praise God for. The child in this story dealt with insurmountable odds and managed to get into Harvard. There are several other examples of this: Colin Powell- grew up in the Bronx and came from a an immigrant family they were from Jamaica,the current president went from a madrassa in Kenya nad close to becoming a Muslim when his father’s death plopped him down here and he’d been born here as well.

Though disputed. Abraaham Lincoln grew up poor, Andrew Jackson grew up in rough circumstances He was a military general before he became president. There are a lot of inspirational stories out there so don’t underestimate what a child can do even in the wrong circumstances.

Her mom may’ve surrounded her with people to inspire her or she latched onto something that kept here going. I almost quit high school when my aunt rented a movie called Stand and Deliver to this very day that’s one of my favorite films. Somebody also must’ve been praying for this child otherwise we’d have never heard of her.

So, for all those folks out there who keep claiming Baraack Obama’s “too white” and making the same sstupid remarks about Colin Powell- I DON’T WANT TO HEAR IT!
Homeless Student Heads to Harvard

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