15 Jul

I know this sounds rash and harsh, but reality is reality. There’s an old book by Benjamin Graham called The Intelligent Investor   this is no some get-rich quick scheme nor is it for the stupid. Get the book and read it from cover to cover. This is probably good advice for teens and for the seasoned investors who’ve almost lost their shirts. don’t think for one minute that everything is some DEEP DARK SECRET.

If you keep looking for weird stuff- you get weird stuff. If oy think that this is going to be a walk in the park expect to get hit by a few tree branches, this type of investing is not for the weak at heart nor for the goofy person who thinks that Warren Buffet’s ideas are antiquated. This could be the beginning for a lot of folks who know what they are doing and this is only the beginning. Never mind the man behind the curtain, get the advice of his mentor! Type in the name and get yourself a copy and don’t get all discouraged because of the age of the concept. There’s more than meets the eye.



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