Glenn Beck – Current Events Politics – Glenn Beck: Universal Health Helps Kill UK Man

23 Jul

This is pretty bad, now we know why we don’t want socialized medicine or health care- YUCK! I’m even convinced that had the Soviet system allowed for private healthcare Boris Yeltsin would still be alive right now. He ignored his health as a young man and had a bad fever and a bad cold that he didn’t take care of and it impacted his health as an older adult. So for those of you who think he was an alcoholic, maybe he drank when he was younger, but as a 56  year old man in 1987 he was doped up to save him from dying a horrible death (heart failure) on the Supreme Soviet floor if you don’t believe me read his book Against the Grain.You can find it in the library or online at E-BAYor something.

 There’s a lot to be said about having the freedom to go to a doctor and not hve to pay “a million dollars” to get a check-up or a vaccination, even medication. There’s also this- there are LOW-PRICED MEDICAL INSURANCE COVERAGE PACKAGES OUT THERE FOR $5.00-$6.00 a monh that cover everything at this point so let’s get real people. If you don’t believe me on that one do a keyword search with “low-cost medical insurance.” Alos keep the pressure on with your congressman or congresswoman, they want the right thing here- give them ideas of what to put in as well.  Don’t just call and say “keep working” call and say “I have an idea on how to counter high costs” if you know what you’re doing or saying. If you work for the medical insurance industry cooperate but don’t just go in there with “the bottom line” on your mind, but go in there with helpful things that can help your customers as well.

Let’s also call in with ideas of how to reform Medicare and Social Security as well. That is part of this by the way. If you’re “mildly disabled” and able to re-train and get off of Social Security Disability Insurance- do it and make sure that what you re-train for is some thing you enjoy or are good at. If you are able to help employ people and I know there are businesspeople looking at this and going “Are you nuts? I can’t pay my buildong rent for the month!” If you’re running a business that takes office space and the physical space is too expensive go to:

Tht will keep the office going until you find a space inexpenisve enough for you or until you find a building you can buy and that you can afford the property taxes on. There are ways around high costs and there are ways to keep your business going and keep your sanity. If you won your building and want tax breaks, hire the disabled like crazy- make sure they’re qulafied by all means, but don’t under-estimate the personal and economic benefits assesst he spiritual benefits as well.

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