Glenn Beck – Current Events Politics – Video of the Day – July 22, 2009

23 Jul

Glenn Beck – Current Events & Politics – Video of the Day – July 22, 2009

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Tell me this doesn’t sound creepy. Not the synthesized voices but the message. I’m honestly shocked by what they are talking about and this is sort of a comedic thing, but the issues addressed aren’t that funny. We need to WAKE UP TOTALLY obviously, that’s the point of this video and if any political figures see this, think about what you’re hearing, this is obviously from somebody who realizes the GRAVITY OF THE POLITICAL SITUATION HERE.

Please don’t ignore this video- we have a lot of work to do in a short period of time but it is peritnent that we do something about the insanity that our presidnet is trying to pull here and if we don’t do something quickly, there’s going to be a very frightening election the next time around.

I’m appalled by what happened with Sarah Palin, all you guys want (on both sies of the aisle is a quiet woman who will follow you all alover the place as far as politics and making those type odf decisions and you finally got your “sociilaized presidjent and now some of you don’t like it do you? You realize suddenly just how dangerous it is to back a freshman senator who has NO CLUE AT ALL how to run the country.

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