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Sen. Ted Kennedy’s Replacement in Congress

Senator Ted Kennedy wants his seat to be filled quickly. As you know he has brain cancer and is really fighting hard to stick around. However, he wants the law changed and his senate seat filled quickly. This is beginning to sound the Obama administration’s hue and cry- hurry up! Whether that’s good as far as things I’m not sure- I’m guessing he wants the governor to appoint somebody which is possible. It was done after Barack Obama became president so it would stand to reason that’s what he’s talking about.

Sen. Ted Kennedy’s Replacement in Congress

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Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett Attack

This is a story about a civil servant who obviously got himself in over his head for the right reason. Mayor Tom Barrett of Milkwaukee, WI stepped in to protect a grandmother and her small granddaughter who were being threatened by the girl’s biological father.

This is a great example of how to treat a woman- the mayor is not the father. Mayor Barrett could’ve just called the police but he saw they were in immediate danger and sprang into action. Now that’s inspired a retailer to make a T-shirt that says the following: The Mayor’s No Cream Puff!

I hope not, those things are so calorie-laden I won’t even touch them! The item is wildly popular atthe State Fair that closed just a few short days ago. There’s even talk of making this guy governor. If his political courage matches his personal courage then I say go for it!

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett Attack

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