Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett Attack

20 Aug

This is a story about a civil servant who obviously got himself in over his head for the right reason. Mayor Tom Barrett of Milkwaukee, WI stepped in to protect a grandmother and her small granddaughter who were being threatened by the girl’s biological father.

This is a great example of how to treat a woman- the mayor is not the father. Mayor Barrett could’ve just called the police but he saw they were in immediate danger and sprang into action. Now that’s inspired a retailer to make a T-shirt that says the following: The Mayor’s No Cream Puff!

I hope not, those things are so calorie-laden I won’t even touch them! The item is wildly popular atthe State Fair that closed just a few short days ago. There’s even talk of making this guy governor. If his political courage matches his personal courage then I say go for it!

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett Attack

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