Daily Archives: September 3, 2009


I have only one thing to say to you sir, the only people who “hate” you are white supremacists and unless you’ve paId any attention at all for the last eight years, no Republican has ever maligned you. The election- well let’s face it, Mr.McCain was right. You don’t understand a freaking thing about how to run this country. You keep trying to DESTROY IT as a matter of fact. You keep trying Leninist/Marxist methods and we will pitch you out on you rosy hind-quarters! Now stop acting like an imbicile and let the people do their job. You serve us not the other way around and if you think that’s racist then resign if that’s not what you wanted.The Oval Office is a high call to duty and if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen!

Let’s see, abortion, infanticide, taxes, “health-care reform,” cap and trade, carbon credits, the “stimulus package” that nobody likes, the bank bailout, AIG, GM, BOWING TO A FOREIGN LEADER LIKE A MORON, putting your feet on your desk while on the phone with a foreign leader like you’re at home in Chicago, the CIA Investigation, the way you want to deal 9/11, the way you treat government volunteers- I hope they all quit and leave you hanging! Keep it up and you will have people hating you.

So far it’s been your POLICIES AND ACTIONS they can’t stand. So- DON’T PUSH IT MISTER! Let me know the minute Secret Service leaves you in the lurch- I doubt they will whether they want to or not. Quit accusing and start serving otherwise we will find somebody else and if you think that boob you picked for v.p. is the answer- NO! We willl do this whole thing over again! Keep it up and we will enact the 25th Amendment so fast it’ll make your head spin! I’ve had enough!