Hell & Back for John Reaves, Layla Kiffin

05 Sep

Do you have a family memeber with a drug or alcohol problem? I do and seeing this tells me I’m not alone. I consider this a warning to athletes- stay away from this kind of junk. I’m especially aiming this at teen-gers who play high school sports and I’m not just talking to fpptball players. I don’t care if you’re on the chess team for heaven’s sake keep that mind sharp and substance-free.

People don’t realize the pressure athletes are under as children then by the time they are this guy’s age, they’ve ruined everything. Keep clean, go to church with your folks, cultivate a deep relationship with Jesus, let the Holy Spirit change you and never get into this kind of insanity.

Alcoholism kills lots of folks every year. So remember that when some goofy kid tries to shove a beer in your face. Besides, it tastes like crap anyway. Tried it when I was 5 realized I preferred soft drinks.
Hell & Back for John Reaves, Layla Kiffin

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