Bank Refuses to Cash a Check When Armless Man Can’t Offer Thumbprint

07 Sep

Good grief! What is this world coming to? You’d think after all the baloney the disabled community has had to put up with and now this moronic junk! I don’t know what’s going on with people. This is why doing bio- ID is UNCONSTITUTIONAL! I really think that people in Congress shouLd take this as a cautionary tale of how this can be discriminatory behavior. We need to come up with constitutional methods of ID and to think I was considering switching to Bank of America because they have a unique savings plan idea. So much for that idea. Maybe the people at Bank of America need ot read the Americans with Disabilities Act. don’t know where to find it? Here:

I find it very distressing when companies don’t consider what they are doing. First the bailouts now this junk! There’s gotta be a better way for people to deal with this stuff. I always found that process kinda weird anyway. Like everybody’s fingerprnts are a banks’ business- the only time that’s relevant is if somebody has a criminal history of check fraud. I doubt this guy did so what gives? He’s disabled!
Bank refuses to cash a check when armless man can’t offer thumbprint

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