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CHECK THIS OUT! Gavin McCleod of Love Boat fame has a new Christian film out. Take the kids, especially if they’re 12 and up. The story centers around 3 young boys who live during the 1970’s and have some serious questions about real issues and Gavin’s character shows them the best he can from an ancient book he has in his home. In the tradition of Lean on Me, The Wonder Years and Life Goes On, this film has some great material.

Oh,and that “ancient book” I mention? Well, Jonathan’s a Christian and this is not some dry boring Christian film, it get’s into some serious issues and questions that young boys that age need answered by a responsible adult. Let’s face it, even if you’re just a Gavin McCleod fan it’s a cool film with some thought-provoking material.

This film comes om the heels of a VERY ROUGH YEAR for everybody. It’s time to take in a film that can make us stop and think about what’s just as important as health care- our kids.


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