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Mourners Remember Slain Yale Student Annie Le

Pray for the family. The fact that this happened where it happened is tragic and should wake up the churches in this country and especially the church that founded this institution. Yale is one of the first Christian Universities in this country and they need to re-instate the observance of the Ten Commandments on campus they need to be hung in every classroom like they were 200 years ago. THIS IS NOT AN ATHEISTIC UNIVERSITY! Reach back to your roots and do it. This is information to the administration: American Center for Law and Justice

Just in case you have any problems implementing such a policy. When the first Graat Awakening started, Yale was one of the places it happened. Now it’s time for another Great Awakening.

To those of you on campus who are CALLED TO MINISTRY, don’t just sit there, get out there on campus and bring students, faculty , and staff to the saving knowledge of Christ. Now’s the time to “shine” as the Newsboys song that has the same name says. NOW GET OUT THERE AND GO FOR IT!

Mourners Remember Slain Yale Student Annie Le

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