20 Oct

I have no idea whatthis is about, but you would think that working for the mob would’ve been more fulfilling wouldn’t you? Sorry, it’s hard for me not to laugh at the thought of a mobster going into hiding as a homosexual. but I’ve heard weirder things but this really takes the cake. Whatever possessed this guy I’ll never know. First he renounces the mob which can be a deadly idea in the first place. I keep wondering what I’m goingto hear next we keep hearingsuch strange new from all 4 conrers of the world and right now we’re seeing something quite interesting. I;m no expert on his, but I thought you could get killed doing that? I guess it’s even more interesting now than ever before. I’m pretty sure that if this guy has a wife and kids their furious with him. I wouldn’t have done that but I would’ve at least jsut went totally legit and then went on from there I as a very skeptical person find myself laughing heartily at this one. ike it’s going to make lifie in Federal Protection  any easier. How many more of these folks are going to leave him alone. What a sorry state of affairs!


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