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Sen. David Vitter Caught on Tape Arguing With Local Rape Victim — Politics Daily

Sen. David Vitter Caught on Tape Arguing With Local Rape Victim — Politics Daily

How stupid do people have to be? The Senator has just signed his own political death warrant if he doesn’t do what his constituents need then why vote for him? Let’s send him a message loudĀ  and clear. Call his office, flood his e- mail and don’t give him a freaking dime for his campaign!

Don’t reward bad behavior. I submit we do the same thing to Alan Grayson and any other political figure who acts like this- they don’t belong in Congress or in any political position anywhere if they aren’t doing their job right and protecting people’s rights. Let’s als0 remind them that the House and Senate rules were put in place for a reason. There’s supposed to be a sense of decorum on the floors of both governmental bodies and you don’yt make the lame excsues this idiot makes to the face of a rape victim. If I were her, I’d run against him next time there’s an election and get him kivked out of office. Let’s see what she’s got.



Baby Shannon Dedrick Reported Missing From Florida Home

Baby Shannon Dedrick Reported Missing From Florida Home.

Keep your eyes peeled for this child there’s a picture of her in the article. Pray for the family and let’s get this child home safe. For those of you in law enforcement I’m praying the truth is revealed and that you get the right person or people involved in this horrible act. If you need to enlust the FBI’s help do it. Let’s get Shannon home and for everybody who complains aboutĀ the racial and ethnic background of most of these kidnap victims; let’s remember this: “Red and yellow, black and white they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the children of the world.” Keep your eyes on Christ and the rest will follow. I know there isn’t an Amber Alert, but I don’t need one. This is serious anyway.

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