I am a witness to Jehovah. – scott perkins's MySpace Blog |

15 Nov

I am a witness to Jehovah. – scott perkins’s MySpace Blog |.

If you’re involved in the Jehovah’s Witnesses or you know somebody who is then you or your friend needs to see this. A friend of mine wrote this on his weblog and it seems that there are some SERIOUS discrepencies between the Holy Bible and the New World Translation of the Bible that the Witnesses use and their claims. Don’t be ripped off by a bunch people who think that the Bible itself is inaccurate. If it were inaccurate, the Jews would’ve never touched the first five books they call The Torah or The Law for us Christians. We’ve got to remember, Jesus came to seek and save that which is lost . We’re down here as Christians to witness for Christ and be His hands and feet, but tha doesn’t mean that His physical body is not in existance. He’s in heaven sitting next to God the Father and He has skin, bone, hair, etc. So remember, those who tinker with the Holy Bible are in more trouble than ever. Stay away from them. These people couldn’t translate their way out of a paper bag much less a tomb! Get real!

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