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Christians To Blame For Secular Christmas – ParentDish

Christians To Blame For Secular Christmas – ParentDish.

Good grief! The next thing you know they’ll blame us for a secular Easter etc. However, if we are then we need to re-evaluate what we are doing to celebrate the holidays then. I really think that the holiday sales thing has gotten WAY OUT OF HAND! 

If we aren’t careful, we’ll lead to our own demise. I really think that more emphasis should be on Christ and not commercialism and materialism. This is why it is so hard for the youth to get themselves interested in the Christian faith- they want something REAL and not a bunch of phony baloney that somebody calls “Christianity.” We all know how dangerous it can be to slap a label on something if it’s not true about a product, you can be fined for false advertising. Something to think about when you’re dealing with the Christian faith.

 Once again a perfect example of the question- “If you were arrested for being a Christian would there be enough evidence to convict you?” Think about it. I  know I am.