Border Crossings: There’s an App for That – Sphere News

20 Dec

Border Crossings: There’s an App for That – Sphere News.

This is weirder than I like. I know that there were immigrants who helped build this country who came with no documentation but this takes the cake! At this point in American history we need not so much to close the borders but we need to not let folks in here unless they do the following:

1. Pay their fair share of taxes.

2. Learn English and get a good education if they plan on staying, and become American citizens if they want to.

3. Report anybody who tries to sell them and anybody else into the trade of human trafficking- (prostitution, slave-wage level work at any American company without the same working rights and protections as American workers.)

4. Shut down the company, investigate and get those folks out of there as well as any upper-level management that tries to encourage that kind of disgusting behavior. Especially the cost of individual freedoms. Arrest any politcian, or civil servant who is stupid enough to be involved in that kind of stuff- this even includes state governors, and presidents.

5. The parents and children should never be separated unless abuse is proven. If the kid is an American citizen and their parent isn’t keep them in touch until they can legally come back.

6. If we think that allowing this is a good thing then we need to think again. This could lead to all kinds of issues when it comes to controlling illegal immigration, drug trafficking, prostitution rings (I’m not talking about legal immigration that has taken place for years.)

7. What good does it do to try to keep undesirable people (that is not racist code speak) I’m talking about criminals and terrorists!

8. We’re having enough trouble with American job access. Why are companies tired of paying Americans decent wages? They’re LAZY AND SOFT THAT’S WHAT! DON’T TELL ME ANY DIFFERENT. I’m tired of my generation being told that they are LAZY. It’s the ones who are not paying the American workers a decent wage who’ve gone soft, not us. We just want the jobs we were trained for in college, you know the ones these jerks keep OUT SOURCING TO INDIA AND PAKISTAN! I WANT MY COLLEGE TUITION BACK IF YOU’RE GONNA DO THIS! I’ll move to Ireland or something. You mucked up the whole world economy while we thought everything was fine and you sold us up the river with not a pot to- you get idea! Crazy Congressional left-wing nuts! Oh, the elephants are just as guilty. Don’t think for one minute that I think that’s cute! I’ve gone back to my political roots as an independent only this time with conservative roots not liberal. I’m not capitalizing this for good reason, neither one of them should be written that way. Besisdes, that gives them more power than ANY OF THEM DESERVE! They’re corrupt anyway.





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