Transportation Security Administration Has New Rules for Airline Passengers – Sphere News

27 Dec

Transportation Security Administration Has New Rules for Airline Passengers – Sphere News.

Okay, I’ve had it, let’s kick some butt. DO YOU MIND BARACK? Keep our guys active right where they are and fight you liberal panty-waist. If you don’t defend this country we can impeach you. NOW QUIT SCREWING AROUND WITH OUR DAMN HEALTHCARE AND GET TO WORK DEFENDING US!

To those of you in the intelligence biz- get going and give ’em hell! To those of you in Waziristan may God guide your every action. (I’m referring to those of you fighting Al Qaeda) American and Pakistani. Make it safe for us to travel “normally” and get this Islamo-Fascist monkey off of our backs. They think they’re gonna win! Show them otherwise!

We’re behind you 100% over here. If you need gear, let America know and I don’t care if  I have to send it myself you’ll get what you need! The political ethics in this country have stunk to high heavens long enough. I also have something that may even equalize the situation as well. Keep your eyes peeled on this web log and you’ll see it. Gen. McChrystal, you especially. Here it is:

There’s your extra 10,000 that liberal jerk wouldn’t give you. It’s quick, it’s easy and it doesn’t take  million years to learn. Go for it! Keyword search: WWII martial arts system, U.S. military. Just in case you want to check it out for yourself. It’s real too. I’d advise any of you business folks and anybody getting ready to get on a plane to learn this it’s simple and easy and you won’t have to take the classes long and hopefully, you won’t need o go to this guy and pay millions for it either. This is the only way we are going to get these people to  back off. I doon’t know if I’d advise this or not, but you could even teach a kid this too. you may want to do this if you don’t have an ethical problem with taking a life or at least doing so in self-defense.remember, this is about this country still existing when this is over. I don’t hate Arabs, I do have trouble with terrorists who want to change the nature of my country and turn us into a police state.






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