Gunmen Kill 7 Churchgoers at Midnight Mass in Egypt – Sphere News

07 Jan


via Gunmen Kill 7 Churchgoers at Midnight Mass in Egypt – Sphere News.

I only have one thing to say. LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONE! I’ve had enough of this. These people did not deserve this neither did their families. I get the impression that the Egyptian government doesn’t realize that this kind of bad press can affect the diplomatic relations between our respective countries. I’d appreciate it if Mr. Mubarak would do something about this. I doubt he will so we as Christians probably need to put a little political pressure on his government to do something.

When you go to address the Egyptian government, remember to be courteous and tactful. Don’t get out of sorts. Don’t let the intimidate you either. There are things going on in the Middle East you may not know about. So read Egyptian newspapers, get on the government site and educate yourself. Don’t let them try to pressure you out of getting the information you want. If you don’t get it, go to the web site at the bottom of the page. If you’re an investor of any kind, I’d study the whole situation and ask a lot of questions about the situation with religious freedom in the region. If they won’t give it to you go to: U.S. State Department

 Voice of the Martyrs


Here’s where to contact the Egyptian government:

The Foreign Ministry







E-mail: General information


The Coptic Orthodox Church-

Encyclopedia Coptica:The Christian Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt






One response to “Gunmen Kill 7 Churchgoers at Midnight Mass in Egypt – Sphere News

  1. denotchka

    January 8, 2010 at 04:48

    To the families who’ve lost loved ones. I’m praying for your safety and that you hang in there. If you’re Christian, you know where they are. If not, read the copy of the


    they left behind and you’ll understand. By the way, there’s salvation in those pages of the


    that you’re relative read. Go for it!


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