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Darfuristan – George Bush's MySpace Blog | What you don't know WILL hurt you!

via Darfuristan – George Bush’s MySpace Blog | What you don’t know WILL hurt you!.

This needs to stop and it needs to be addressed NOW! There’s no more time left- let’s stop this while we still can!


Just signed the Pickens Plan Energy Independence Petition. Let legislators know we need a plan NOW!

via Just signed the Pickens Plan Energy Independence Petition. Let legislators know we need a plan NOW!.

I just signed this petition because I’m tired of being bullied by a bunch of Middle Eastern political leaders who think they have us by our sacred parts. Let them know what you think about paying these nuts to drill OUR OWN OIL OFF OF OUR SHORES! That’s a waste of tax-payer money and guess who’s gotten OUR TAX MONEY  for the PAST 25-35 years? These guys! Let’s take back our oil, our money and our integrity. Let’s make them trade fairly with us and leave other religions other than their 0wn ALONE! Let’s not only put Bin Laden and Al Qaeda on the run, but all thes other terroist organizations. Don’t be fooled by the “investigations” done by the Bush Administration during the last decade- these people support terrorism on a FULL-TIME BASIS! NOW IT’S OUR TURN.



Facing a Long Shot Re-election Bid, Sen. Chris Dodd Folds His Cards — Politics Daily

via Facing a Long Shot Re-election Bid, Sen. Chris Dodd Folds His Cards — Politics Daily.

Thank you Mr. Dodd for knowing when you’ve got a rotten hand! Now if only a few other politicos realized how screwed up theirs was. Your service is appreciated (scandals aside) and maybe your friend on the banking committee and in the House of Representatives Mr. Frank will get the same idea. Not only him but a few other people who need to make that decision as well. By the way, I’m hoping that there are even Republicans who sold out who will do the same thing.



Airline Terror

Airline Terror

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There’s a lot of infomration here so take your time and read very carefully and pray about this. We almost ended up in a very tragic situation here. This tells me that the President better quit playing these stupid “pc” games with the international community and get down to brass tax and act like he has some brains for once. I’m tried of all this “weak America” baloney. This jerk just got 7  people killed in Afghanistan and  now we have to pick up the pieces all because he couldn’t act like he meant business. This is how the incident on 9/11/2001 happened- years of bull and years of stalling on getting Osama bin Laden when we had the chance. The Saudi government was going to give this sucker to us on a silver platter. I wonder what the cost would’ve been had we accepted? If we don’t let the international community know where we stand on terrorism, oil, money, economics, environmentalism, capitalism, even the Christian faith- they will tell us what we believe and I’m sorry but I refuse to have my vision of American life skewed by Europe, Asia, or whomever. America is very unique and I refuse to be pushed around by all these other countries and so forth. They can take their ‘liberal nut-cake” ideas and keep them to themselves. LEAVE US ALONE!

This is why I really don’t like Ms. Napolitano and her goofy ideas about defining things so politically correctly and allowing all this crap to be thrown all over the place. “Man-made disasters” indeed! So was the Love Canal accident and that wasn’t an act of terrorism as far as I know. I’m telling you, if we don’t get this president and his leftist cronies out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. we are going to be a lost country and a lost hope.  We don’t have time to put up with some “amateur politico” who thinks they know what needs to be “Startin’ Something.”  Let’s face it, I think Michael Jackson saw was coming with this president here. If he wants to be “scheming, and spying” let the professionals do it and stay out of their business! Hopefully, we can take this country back before we end up “Sovietized” beyond recognition!

This is the most dangerous thing that has happened and all of a sudden he switches into “presidential” mode. PUUUULEASE!  If you want to live in such a place move to North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam, but do me a favor, DON’T EXPERIMENT WITH THIS CRAP HERE! We don’t DO COMMUNISM OR SOCIALISM IN THIS COUNTRY! Get a reality check sir, WE DIDN’T VOTE FOR THIS KIND OF “CHANGE!”