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Teen's charity name draws the McIre of McDonald's


via Teen’s charity name draws the McIre of McDonald’s.

This is so dumb it’s not even worth a Happy Meal! I mean talk about ridiculus. I haven’t eaten at McDonald’s for a while and honestly I wonder why anybody bothers. Their attitude towards this kid is nuts. She started a charity and they got all ticked off over the name. Her logo doesn’t even look similar. This is pitiful, this big huge company that every kid loves has proven to be a poisonous combination for a young girl who started a charity that only raised $30,000.00 and McDonald’s has sold billions of hamburgers and has just as much money please guys. Honestly, I can’t believe you folks! She was raising money for SPECIAL OLYMPICS share the stage like a decent company! Good grief! You can’t coyright words, that’s a violation of the U.S. Constitution and you know it!

I’ll never eat at McDonald’s again!