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Israeli Cult Leader Goel Ratzon Faces Sex Charges – AOL News


via Israeli Cult Leader Goel Ratzon Faces Sex Charges – AOL News.

WHAT A NUT-CASE! EEEK!  Even Jesus would go totally meshug on this guy! Never try to impersonate the Messiah unless you ARE THE MESSIAH even I know better than this junk. I think I’m gonna be sick!



HUD Grants $2Bil to Repair Nabes and Knock Down Homes


via HUD Grants $2Bil to Repair Nabes and Knock Down Homes.

This is a government scam. Don’t let it happen, but don’t buy into a real estate bubble either. Stop Congress from violating the Constitution again. Stand up and don’t let this happen.  This is a scam to the Nth degree. Don’t allow people to pressure you into buying. Tell mortgage companies that are trying to foreclose on you TO PRODUCE THE NOTE OR SHUT UP. For those of you who’ve lost your homes, get a lawyer and demand the note on your home be produced immediately. The government has NO LEGAL RIGHT to your property if they can’t produce the note. When they do, find out who sold it to them and take them to court. There are probably laws on the books to protect you from this. Even if you lost a business- a business on land, not an e-business. One that involved buildings and warehouses and you were a legal business. Find the note! I’m not kidding!

If you’ve been told you can skip a payment do not listen to them, they are setting you up! There are all kinds of things going on that don’t make sense to me as well. Why so many people? Why so many AFRICAN-AMERICAN customers got ripped off- I’d investigate. This is not funny at all. Make sure you have a legitimate claim and that you are able to produce EVIDENCE that somebody ripped you off. Always pay your bills and your house payment! I don’t care what kind of “deal” they gave you, apy it monthly and if you can find extra forms of legal income and pay up to your current level or get yourself current do it. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit how to get back what Satan stole from you. Don’t get me wrong, there are people out there who deserved to lose homes, but some haven’t deserved it and they need to be restored. Track down the note on your home! Go to the records office with the address of the place you lost, find out who’s living there and how- if it’s illegal, do something.