CIA Torture Case Entangles U.K. Government, Prompts Charges of Cover-Up — Politics Daily

18 Feb


via CIA Torture Case Entangles U.K. Government, Prompts Charges of Cover-Up — Politics Daily.

This is pretty serious- the implications on how we fight the World-wide War on Terror could be impacted in ways I don’t even want to think about. We shouldn’t be treating “enemy combatants” like citizens, we should be doing our jobs right. Torture has become a major political hot potato and the main problem is that we need to keep our focus on the Lord’s instruction of how to do this. Pray for direction for both countries and pray that we are careful about how we are dealing with the particulars when they do start to entail citizens of  both countries.

We neglected to realize just how bad the radicalization of our own citizens has been. In light of the Ft. Dix and Ft. Hood incidents, we need to keep our eyes peeled for all kinds of things that we don’t realize. Let me be VERY SPECIFIC when I say “radicalization” I’m referring to lending support to l Qaeda and groups like it to destroy this nation. We need to keep fasting and praying and we need to keep going forward with restoring our nation to what it came to originally represent.

The things going on now are turning out to be detrimental to all people here and abroad. We need to quit “lawyering up” terrorists and doing our jobs. I don’t pretend that this is something I like, if I were any American citizen though, I’d read the back of my passport providing you have one, if you don’t borrow one. It’s VERY SPECIFIC about what they mean by “enemy combatant” and I bet if you look the phrase up, you’ll see a definition that is so clear that even the U.C.M.J. Uniform Code of Military Justice here in America includes it.

If we keep on the same course we are on, we will not only lose this war, but we will lose America too. Britain not withstanding. Britain is not America they are a country that may have originated us, but that doesn’t mean we are ANYTHING LIKE US! We’ve had to make that distinction for the last 2 1/3 centuries why start emulating them now?


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