Blunder Costs Dutch Skater Gold Medal — Olympics — 2010 Winter Olympics from Vancouver FanHouse

24 Feb

Blunder Costs Dutch Skater Gold Medal — Olympics — 2010 Winter Olympics from Vancouver FanHouse.

This is tragic- just when an athlete doesn’t think things can get any worse, they do. The Dutch Olympian here named Sven Kramer finished the last 8 laps in the wrong lane and got NOTHING! He was apparently a good athlete as well. This is a good example of how communication is key when you’re in an athletic event. Pray that he realizes this is only one competition and keeps on trying. Also pray that he stays away from drugs and alcohol- that can destroy an athletic career real fast- just ask Tanya Harding and Oksana Baiul. There’s more to being an Olympian athlete than athletic prowess, intelligence weighs in and awareness of time and timing.

 Concentration is key even Special Olympians know this. Just praythatthis isn’t the end for Kramer I get the impression he’s going to be very hard on himself and his coach. This is not something you can just shrug off- there’s money unfortunately involved. That used to not be the case, the gold was enough, that brought the prestige alone, but we’ve complicated athletics with money and that can be just as devestating if the athlete in question put him or herself in debt training for the Olympics.

If you’re wanting to go into the Olympics, or your a Special Olympian, get what you can afford and don’t sink too much into it. This isn’t your life, it’s part of your life. We need to remember what the Apostle Paul said though: I Corinthians 9:24- “”Doyou not know that in  race all the runners compete, but only one receives the prize? So run [your race] that you may lay hold of [the prize] and make it yours.” Also Joshua 1:8 figures in : ” Be strong in the Lord and fear not.” You’ll make it Kramer, just hang in there! Your best option at this point, keep going and  FOCUS ON WHERE YOU ARE IN THE RACE!










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