24 Feb

sorry to nbe so blunt, but if the TARC passengers in this city don’t get going we’re going to lose the bus service in this city. We are being RIPPED OFF folks. They are cutting routes and people are losing their jobs. That’s what’s been going on- there’s a way to stem the tide. Contact the following person and also show up to this meeting. Don’t just sit at home or you may not be heard. Here’s the information:

E-mail: Mrs. Grantz at give suggestions and if you have any constructive ideas go for it! you can also call her at : 561-5112. Most importantly show up though. THIS IS SO IMPORTANT IT COULD IMPACT LOUISVILLE PERMANENTLY! This could also affect TARC 3 service as well. As you know where TARC  goes so does TARC 3 Services. Anybody disabled in ANY WAY SHAPE, OR FORM SHOW UP TO THIS MEETING! Pass this on to folks on your e-mail lists that doesn’t drive or even has a disability of some sort, or is a small business person who doesn’t have a car. This is so important I really feel strongly about it. Go to:  for more information or check the METRO section of the Courier Journal at

E-mail this to everybody on your list this is important.



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