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Andrew Koenig's Parents Walk Off 'Larry King Live' Set

Andrew Koenig’s Parents Walk Off ‘Larry King Live’ Set.

keep an eye out for Andrew Koenig and call the cops if you see him. details are in the article.



I know that there are going to be people wondering what I’m talking about. Well, later on in this same web log entry they will see a poll for folks to take. I need to make a confession: Eventhough I love reading about End-Times prophecy I have a confession to make- it scared me to death! That sounds crazy- I’m a blood-bought child of the living God right? Yes, but here’s why- I know a member of my famikly who needs to return to Christ and I love him very much. It’s my dad. I need you to pray for my father.  I love him and I don’t want him to end up fae to  face with Jesus and looking at Him in what I’m going to call the second death. I want him with me. My family is precious to me and I love them . I don’ t usually get this personal but I want all people to come to Jesus. My hucband and my dad have one thing in common- the same first name. Dennis. Pray for my dad to return to Christ. This is very important. The intense nature of the emotions I’m feeling right now can’t even be described and I hope that he does come to Christ.

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