Opinion: Why Vets Aren't Buying 'The Hurt Locker' – AOL News

06 Mar

Opinion: Why Vets Aren’t Buying ‘The Hurt Locker’ – AOL News.

If a war film’s fiction, you can get away with what the writer talks about when he deplores the inaccuracies, but try that with a returning veteran of said war and you’re liable to get some furlowed U.S. Marine, Special Forces, Army Ranger, or even a military intelligence, possibly a member of the CIA in your face demanding their money back popcorn breath included. I wouldn’t even show this as a training movie!

People in Hollyweird don’t have any freaking idea what it’s like in the military unless they’ve had a family member involved somehow. Most of them don’t and they don’t care. This movie avoids politics, but it avoids reality too and CLAIMS it’s realistic. I would be careful wasting my money on this one. Wait for it to come out in a $1.00 rental machine and don’t support this film in the theaters. I probably wouldn’t even do  that.


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