Teacher Rex Roland Writes “Loser” on Student’s Assignments – AOL News

15 Mar

Teacher Rex Roland Writes ‘Loser’ on Student’s Assignments – AOL News.

Even the early Greek philosophers would think she was nuts! You’re supposed to encourage EXCELLENCE in your students. What this teacher is doing is abuse. I dealt with this kind of thing in my first year of high school. I get the impression that we need to be careful about what our children get taught. Telling a kid they’re a “loser” is detrimental to the emotional, spiritual, and psychological development of  a kid. I’m not into political correctness, but I know what it’s like to be bullied by students and teachers alike and it’s never funny.

 These kids were gifted, maybe  most of them “got the joke” but apparently this one didn’t and it was apparently detrimental to her self-identity. Some kids acn handle it,some can’t. Be careful about how you address people in an educational setting. Calling a kid a “loser” is  not funny and it can cause all kinds of problems. Kids have a hard enoguh time relating to each other let alone an adult they barely know. I don’t care if  you’re the TEACHER OF THE YEAR- you don’t pull this one folks.

I keep going back to a movie that came out in 1985-86 called Stand and Deliver. The story is a true one about how a Bolivian immigrant (legal of course) named Jaime Escalante who was hired to tecg remedial math of all things to a bunch of Latino kids from East L.A. He was furious and decided he was going to teach them something else. One thing he said even in real life was the following: “The students will raise to the expectations of their teachers.” He’s right and if they have what it takes they will. Apparently this teacher needs to watch the movie and shut up. Even SOCRATES would find this teach er ridiculus!


One response to “Teacher Rex Roland Writes “Loser” on Student’s Assignments – AOL News

  1. Katherine Gotthardt

    March 23, 2010 at 19:38

    Ridiculous indeed! I know how I would feel if my child came home with such a label on her paper. Sheesh.


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