Mother of Alleged Phoebe Prince Bully Defends Daughter – AOL News

01 Apr

Mother of Alleged Phoebe Prince Bully Defends Daughter – AOL News.

This really ticks me off- the mother of this child is only looking at the external aspects of her daughter’s emotional reaction in court. The death of a teen who was bullied is a tragedy and a travesty. Quit looking at the external emotionl reactions unless you know more than you’re letting on like WHO DID THIS. When I was in high school, I was bullied and as a result I wondered should I go to the reunion at my high school unless I’d made some obvious issues. I really thought that this was a ll my fault because I was a special education student. I really don’t like  discussing this.

 The stats of kids who’ve been put into the prison system and other things that should neever be happening to them. I find myself these days trying to understand the Dillon Klebolds of the world- what caused this? When I hear that students like this were bullied, they obviously had the unusual response hat other s never have- vengeance. That’s terrifying- that tells me that we really are not paying attention to what we are really capable of. 

We look at the student who gets idicted for murder who cries atthe indictment and assume they’re either innocent or something totally fictional. Children have a tendency to not listen to their elders and sometimes they jsut flatout tune out adults who are telling them the truth about how to act properly. The kids ultimately their parents and we as parents need to take back how to discipline them properly without government intervention. It’s unfortunately not that easy. Raise your child the right  wy and tech them that bullying is wrong.


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