Okla. City Stops to Remember 15 Years After Bombing – AOL News

20 Apr

Okla. City Stops to Remember 15 Years After Bombing – AOL News.

I suggest you read the above article very carefully. Let me tell you why. When I heard about Bill Clinton’s statements about the TEA Party. I had NO IDEA he was comparing the movement to the McVeigh case until I read it. Let me explain something to you about this. I’ve noticed that there are two camps of thought on the militia movement both “right” and “left” wings. When you hear the word “militia” today, people think of the Michigan Militia which ironically still exists because McVeigh “acted alone” I only put those words in quotes because that’s what everybody’s heard for 15 years.  Well, all of a sudden, the TEA Party movement is being compared to this crap with McVeigh. Let me say something here. There’s a site out there called the following: Crash the TEA Party I won’t put the link here for good reason. get your stuff from your group’s site, God only knows where the money going to that site is being used. Also, if you have GoDaddy as a web provider, drop them like a hot potato- they are the ones supporting the site- it’s free and they PROUDLY PROCLAIM IT. Go there and look if you don’t believe me. 

Let me explain some of this, it is a search site for TEA Party t-shirts and paraphenalia. Here’s how it works, certain anti-TEA Party forces go on there and get this stuff and the money doesn’t go to the movement at all. They show up and they put together signs that are racially motivated and they try ot discredit the group.  I warned some friends of mine about this and to make sure that people only get their stuff from their sites. This is not funny at all. My message is to BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE- stop this destructive rhetoric before you start a CIVIL WAR. You do not realize just what you may be feeding.

We make our own “monsters” in this country, Frankenstein, the A-Bomb, the H-Bomb (the latter 2 were meant ot protect us), yes, there are people in the militia movement that they wish to God weren’t there. They are just as concerned as everybody else. and I’m sure that everybody knows about the Christian militia group that was just recently proven to be INNOCENT OF WRONG-DOING.  We have political figures demonizing the American people as a whole. For those of you who are new Americans, and you wonder what all the fuss is about here’s the sites to go to:


I’m going to say one thing here, be careful when you go to wikipedia as well, some things have been tampered with. So make sure you go to these other sites. You can also start your own without retribution. By the way, if you voted for Barack and you’re regertting it now, that doesn’t make you racist, it makes you HUMAN we all need to make better-informed decisions about a lot of things these days.

There’s probably more but here’s the thing, don’t just assume that the media is telling you the truth. I wish they were. Do your own homework and I’d suggest that you learn EVERYTHING ABOUT AMERICA if you’re going to become a citizen. It’s really important otherwise you won’t understand why you came here. It’s not just about “making money” that’s a bunch of tripe and hype. It’s about being free to express yourself without retribution or reprisal from the government. The idea of “civil disobedience” started in India with Ghandi, but in America, Martin Luther King Jr. grabbed that idea and ran with it. By the time it was over, even  Martin Luther King Jr. was being pegged as a “communist” which he wasn’t. Somebody he spoke with was. If you listen to all the political rhetoric and let it taint you, by the right or the left, you’ll lose perspective.  If you go to Wallbuilders, they can give you replicas of the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and other original U.S. documents. Do not  let the “extremists” on EITHER SIDE tell you how to think- you have a brain USE IT!

I’m sure you’re wondering what this has to do with the categories on the bottom. Well here you go:

1. This is a country that was founded ON THE HOLY BIBLE .

2. We’ve had Christian organizations from the beginning and they are being threatened not by other religions, but by political correctness and fear.

3. There is something called U.S. History and it IS NOT being taught in the schools, colleges, and universities as it should be. What you are getting is REVISIONIST HISTORY from both the “right” and the “left” this is not good at all.

4. There are many different sub-categories here butt suffice to say, stay away from evil- that’s what I’m talking about.

5.  Medical ethics. The Healthcare Reform Act that was just passed, need I say anything more . If you’ve been watching the news, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

6. Pacs and Jacks- That’s aimed at Republicans (their party emblem is an elephant) thus “pacs” like the word pachyderm. It covers a whole animal group, but it’s aimed at elephants here. Jacks- most people refer to the emblem as a donkey. there is another phrase jackass- it’s NOT  foul language. It’s an older term. Either way, it fits. the animal can be immovable and stubborn (does this sound familiar?)

7. General entries these are not politically charged. They are educational.

8. The Conspiracy Corner- This is about stuff that SHOULD NOT BE HAPPENING!

9. The economy- please don’t ask me to explain this! It’s a nightmare right now.

10. Political Ethics- doing the right thing if you’re a member of the government.

11. Positive Attitudes and Going Forward: Keeping a right (correct) perspective and not getting stuck in silly stuff.

12. REAL WORLD: Islamic Terrorism- The Truth and the Consequences- The title should be self-explanatory. I don’ get politiclly correct about Islam- why should I?

13. Military issues- it’s  sub-category of the last one and how the military is impacted by decisions made here.

Thank you for your time and attention.




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