28 Apr

It’s funny, but I remember when I was a kid watching the movie The Blues Brothers and eventhough this was a musical comedy there was a scene with a song called “Think” it is sung by Aretha Franklin and I’ll never forget the lyrics to the chorus: You better think, think about what you’re tryin’ to do to me now baby think. Your mind won’t let your soul be free.  You need me and I need you and together there’s nothing we can’t do. Etc. etc. you get the idea. Well, here’s what I’ve seen as a disturbing trend for a very long time. People letting political parties and college professors doing the thinking while everybody else vegges out. STOP IT YOU’RE GIVING YOUR FREEDOM AWAY. Hell what am I saying we’ve GIVEN our freedom away. How about you numbskulls get up and go help us get our freedom back since you took it for granted for so long? I’ve seen all these “elites” on BOTH SIDES willing to sit back while the common mn gets stepped on, YEAH, YOU IN THE ARMANI SUIT, GET OVER HERE TAKE OFF THE JACKKET AND HELP ME PUSH!

We need to aso quit doing the following: going to a “community college” and getting these PATHETIC 2YEAR DEGREES IN MEDICAL CATALOGGING AND DENTAL ASSISTANT AND GET OUT THERE AND BECOME A COMPUTER TECH AND A DENTIST. Quit trying to get tht pathetic pollworker jojb and get a degree in political sciences and election law so you can get a real job. I’m not tlknig about becoming a lobbyist- THAT’S THE PROBLEM we got  too many of those. We need EDUCATED AMERICAN CITIZENS WHO ARE NOT “ELITES” TO BEAT THESE SUCKAS AT THEIR OWN GAME. Ypu’ll pardon my grammar, but that’s what everybody sounds like to me, white and black right now- at least we’re allowing people to put us in that category. What do you think of when you hear these words: working stiff, blue collar worker, everyday Joe, white trash, Joe Q. Public? These are all cath-phrases used by  the eleite and  THE MEDIA  to characterize American citizens.

I’m no a “working stiff” not unless I woke up that way and could barely get out of bed. Can we please re-define who we are as American citizens? I’m tired of being looked at that way. I also have REPUBLICANS who think I’m lazy. No, I’m DISABLED AND ON SSDI. I want off trust me, I’m wanting to go back to college and get my history/political sciences degree, and a few other degrees as well. I plan on getting them in really good places as well. I don’t need to hear all this crp about how freakin’ late I am. I had to deal with “REAL LIFE” having to get away from an slcoholic father and now I’m inthe process of getting ready to do what I plan on doing. At forst , I thought IWas going to teach when I got this degree- but recent events made me change my mind. Yes, I’ll teach, but here’s what I’m going to do. the ids at my church, he kids in my neighborhood are going o get taught the REAL US HISTORY AND THE REAL CIVIC CLASSES THEY NEED TO BECOME DECENT AMERICAN CITIZENS! When Im odne doingthis I’m going to actually approach my pastor and ask him if I can do this at church and to reach out to the neighborhood. Hey patrick brace yourself, this is going to be a class you may want to take first! We will cover: The U.S. Constitution, the Decalaration of Independence, U.S. History, Presidents, Senators, Representatives, Supreme Court Justices, the Holy Bible, The Federalist Papers, Common Sense,  (the one by Thomas Paine, not the one by Glenn Beck) what concerns me is thaat I will need to do this so quickly. So I’m really going to need prayer here. For now, while I’m getting my education, there are sites onhere where you can go to get this information NOW.


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