Can Mitt Romney Outrun Sarah Palin? Handicapping the 2012 GOP Horse Race

30 Apr

Can Mitt Romney Outrun Sarah Palin? Handicapping the 2012 GOP Horse Race.

This is already being played out inthe White House. How many times do I have to say it? Members of cults need not apply when it comes to the top political office in this country. You don’t need a PH.D in economics to see that this would be disastrous. Not to mention the questionable ethics of a man who hired an illegal worker to look after his family.  I bet if you dug further, you’d find all kinds of stuff from political corruption to personal issues that would plague Mr. Romney for the rest of his days.

Sarah Palin onthe other hand is a Spirit-activated (Spirit-filled) Christian and willing to grow and learn in different situations. She has been through quite a bit from being ridiculed in the 2008 election year about having a special needs child which should’ve never happened but did anyway.

There are also some things you’ll get with Sarah you won’t with Mitt. She’s FEMALE ergo a minority and the only thing I have to say to even the “liberal” or “progressive” movement, grow up and get a life.! This may be the poliical catalyst for the only chance to see what a woman from either side would do. I wouldn’t vote for any of the liberal/progressive candidates at this point too many of them are too busy harassing TEA Party members, ridiculing the American public and trying to humiliate most freedom-loving Americans to pretty much care about getting into and keeping their political office right now. 


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